The Butterfly

This is one of my favorite times of year in the Mohave Desert, when the skies are bursting with Painted Lady butterflies.

These lovely creatures are reminiscent of the Monarch, but typically smaller and more delicate.

The first photo shown here of a Painted Lady in Lake Havasu was taken by my friend and photographer, Ed Earley.

About a week ago I was making my daily drive to the mailbox (I live in a rural desert area) and there were so many of these gorgeous butterflies that I was plowing through them in my little VW Beatle, and smacked quite a few of them with the car. By the time I reached the mailboxes I was feeling kind of melancholy that I had shortened the life span of some of these ethereal butterflies...which is already only about 2 weeks anyway. On my return trip, I had a mini-revelation that if I just slowed down a bit, I could change the outcome for these exquisite creatures. I drove just a little bit slower on the way home, and practiced dodging butterflies...and I didn't hit a single one. It was again another reminder that slowing the pace and being mindful can change the outcome of so many experiences.

In tribute to the fabulous beauty and design of the ephemeral butterfly, I created this Cloisonne' enamel pendant, set with a bi-color green/gold Citrine. You can view this piece at our Etsy Store:

April 11, 2009


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